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Sports Medicine Specialist

Kent  Jarvis, DPM -  - Board Qualified Podiatrist

Kent Jarvis, DPM

Board Qualified Podiatrist located in Humble, TX

If you’re an athlete or physically active individual, sports medicine can lower the risk of an injury, improve your form, and address common exercise-related problems. At his Houston-area practice, Kent Jarvis, DPM, uses sports medicine to help individuals stay fit. To schedule an appointment at The Woodlands or Atascocita, Texas, location, book online or call to speak with a staff member today.

Sports Medicine Q & A


What is sports medicine?

Sports medicine diagnoses, treats, and prevents trauma that occurs while playing sports or exercising.

Anyone who works out can benefit from sports medicine, but it’s especially helpful if you play contact sports, live a primarily sedentary lifestyle, or you fail to warm up prior to physical activity. 

What are some common injuries that sports medicine treats?

Dr. Jarvis uses sports medicine to treat various injuries, including:

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Swollen muscles
  • Tendinitis
  • Heel pain
  • Achilles tendon rupture
  • Dislocations

You might also benefit from sports medicine if you experience a fracture (broken bone). 

What happens during a sports medicine appointment?

No two sports medicine appointments are exactly alike. Dr. Jarvis tailors treatment based on your medical history, age, and needs.

At the beginning of your consultation, Dr. Jarvis asks about your lifestyle and symptoms, including how often you work out, if you have any underlying medical conditions, and if you take prescription medication. 

Afterward, he physically examines your ankles, feet, and toes, looking for areas of swelling, warmth, or tenderness. You then walk around the exam room and do a series of easy exercises so Dr. Jarvis can observe your gait and posture.

If visual observation isn’t enough to make a diagnosis, Dr. Jarvis orders X-rays, a computed tomography (CT) scan, or an MRI. These diagnostic imaging procedures provide detailed images of the bones, joints, and soft tissues in your ankles and feet.

Once Dr. Jarvis determines the source of your discomfort, he develops a custom care plan that encourages your body’s natural healing process.

Can sports medicine lower my risk of an injury?

Yes. In addition to diagnosing and treating sports-related injuries, Dr. Jarvis can provide tips and guidance on injury prevention. Though there’s no way to prevent accidents entirely, you can significantly lower your risk. Dr. Jarvis recommends:

  • Warming up before working out
  • Using the proper technique
  • Wearing the proper safety equipment
  • Cooling down after exercise
  • Resuming activity slowly

In addition, listen to your body. If a muscle feels sore or stiff, don’t push through the discomfort. Doing so could cause a sprain, tear, or another serious injury. 

If you play sports or enjoy spending time at the gym, don’t wait to invest in sports medicine at the practice of Kent Jarvis, DPM. Call to speak with a member of the support staff or book online today.